My Story

Nicknamed Mr.D.Tunes, Derrick was born in Suriname, a country on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America. He came to the U.S with his family in search of a better life. In elementary school, he published his first song during a collaborative project to stop bullying and was a junior Olympic swimmer. 

 ‘Since the age of 12, Derrick has been an inspiring youth speaker, sharing his story/experience of an unstable home, being homeless, and of life as an immigrant. He also preached at various churches. With that same passion and love for people, he joined the Army after high school. Not long after, Derrick began getting invited to speak at schools, recreational facilities, detention centers, churches and more. In 2013, he launched his organization, KidsAreNext, and was awarded a myriad of contracts to mentor, tutor, teach and share his many talents with kids of all ages. With four businesses, 10+ employees, and a host of business partners, Derrick has fans of all ages, and supporters from NY to FL. 

Tunes enjoys helping people, giving back to his community, inspiring others, and doing anything for a greater good. He says his goal to change lives has already been accomplished. “It's the amount of lives I want to reach that I’m still working on.”